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    So what is the plan with the forum sections/layout?

    Title. What is the story?

    At some point I am going to lock the forum down. I created a private section which we will assign all current AGW members to when they register. This General area will then become the only place that can be posted to by new accounts.

    We should probably consolidate the previous forum list. For right now I think the current setup will work. I'm not sure that we need the AGW forum and the OT forum but there were people on the old forum who wouldnt go into OT... so for now I will leave it.

    I am open to suggestion about forums and layout.
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      Forum Idea's?

      AGW: OPEN FORUM. (a place for new people to wander into/make contact/figure out wth AGW even is)

      AGW: MAIN FORUM. (this would essentially be the old 'off-topic' area and private until becoming a 'full member'.)

      I'm for keeping the place basically 'clutter free' and straight forward. Though, I would like to see a couple of the sub-forums created....


      Just some thoughts.
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        A spotlight section so people can display their talents, you know the ones like Hurric and Mikey with their doodles and the like.
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          There has to be a booby forum!


            Originally posted by Dewey View Post
            There has to be a booby forum!

            Isn't that what we're in?
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              Originally posted by Dewey View Post
              There has to be a booby forum!
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